the Brand

Our goal is to "Create a Classic"

Created and designed by graphic designer, Darin Gilliam (Darin Michelle), 19FIFTYTHREE started as an outpouring of ideas and soon became a series of small collections of clothing and accessories. Our goal is to "Create a Classic". We hope to create clothing that is both soft, durable, and last for a lifetime. Our focus on fabric and color palettes has become a mainstay in our collections. 

Catering to the tomboy style, 19FIFTYTHREE focuses on relaxed, unisex fits. Growing up as the only girl in her family, Darin become fond of "borrowing" her brothers clothing. This led to a love of mens clothing, that would later transition to a love of mens streetwear and styles. Creating 19FIFTYTHREE was a way for her to create a line that catered to that love, while staying true to the design style that she has created over the years. 

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