Just Erica Nicole

Stylist, Erica Nicole has taken her love of fashion, behind the scenes production, and style to another level. She has taken a passion and creative gift and channeled it into a career. The best part of working with your friends is that you already know their personality and how to showcase it through their brands.

When your stylish and very talent friend is going to the Grammy’s to style Rapsody, 9th Wonder, and Eric G of Jamla Records and Roc Nation fame, you make sure she has her website game up! You don’t leave her hanging! You hit her up and say, let’s get this portfolio poppin’ and do this thing!!

In this case, we went for simple, but bold! I’d like to think that this kinda sums up Erica as a whole. Her personal style is laid back with clean lines, and bold statements. Transferring the personal visual brand that she’s created for herself into a website was a delight. Clean lines, a mix of black and bold colors and gradients!  I’m a sucker for a good gradient!

53-BrandStory_Erica Nicole2.jpg

I think my favorite part of this project was creating the background image for the site. Erica was very specific about having a bold gradient on a dark background and I wanted to reflect that same styling throughout her brand and site. I found a great photo that pretty much summed up Erica's style, placed a soft gradient over it and darkened the edges. 

53-BrandStory_Erica Nicole.jpg

Though simple, her overall site reflects her and her overall personality. Bold and to the point!

53-BrandStory_Erica Nicole3.jpg
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