Graystone Jewelry

Graystone Jewelry is another amazing brand that I found on Etsy! They joined over the holiday season and have continued to be a crowd pleaser into the new year! I can't get enough of the detail that goes into each piece; everything from the chains, to the stones, to the wiring is fantastic and we are more than happy to have them as a part of our shop family!

I think the best think about carrying brands you love, is when they are owned by delightful owners and designers. Graystone was one fo the first brands we worked with to carry a larger collection of items and working with its Owner and Designer, Hallie Farley, was an amazing experience! So far, we have had a great relationship with each brands' owner and/or designer! This expands our community of artisans and creates more community within our space.

Graystone just launched a line of essential oil, lava rock jewelry!!! Come in to ArtFarm and check it out! 

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