Fall 2017 Collection

When we officially launched the partnership shared between 19FIFTYTHREE and ArtFarm - a vision of a curated shop that showcased local artists and makers, combined with an art space that offers workshops, classes, and events - I created this small collection for 19FIFTYTHREE as a way of reintroducing myself and this brand into this space. This collection has probably been one of our most successful collections to date. What's interesting about it, is that, it's so simple and minimal in style.

What has stood out about this collection most, is the fabric we print on. We take great pride is using eco-friendly, soft, and durable clothing for the base of our design. 19FIFTYTHREE is all about "Creating a Classic". My hope as Owner and Designer of this brand is the create something that you can hold on to forever! My hope is that in 10 years, it's still as soft and durable as it was when you purchased it! This has been true of all of my favorite articles of clothing and I hope they are true for you and your 19FIFTYTHREE purchase!  

the BrandDarin Gilliam