where do i even start?

Don't freak out! We got your back! Do you have great ideas, but aren't sure how to exactly implement them and bring them to life? No worries, we can assist you in figuring it out and putting a plan together. 

What's Included?

It depends on your work and needs. We will first figure out what we need to tackle and go from there.

you have any examples?

Definitely! If you have products or artwork created, but don't know the best way to get them into the world, we will dedicate our time creating an action plan and pulling resources to make it happen. If your focus is growing your social media presence, we will create a plan to engage your audience and implement that strategy.

i need more examples.

Okay…you’re developing and launching a brand or project and don’t know where to begin and how to proceed. I will assist you in planning and executing what you need to get going. Everything from organizing ideas to assisting with brand creation ideas.

How will we keep track of what we're plotting?

I am a huge fan of Google Drive and will keep all information, notes, hours, and inspiration in a Google Drive folder.

Okay! So what will I do with my time - now that you’re helping me?

  • Binge watch that Netflix show you've been wanting to finish

  • Start a Pinterest board of ideas for your life, brand, or work

  • Watch two movies

  • Take a couple naps - or a few, depending on how long they are

  • Unplug and Zen out! < we suggest this option



$30/hour (5 hr. min.)