The details are just as important as the brand!

Set your brand a part with the small finishing details. Clothing tags, packaging, bag design, etc. We can assist you in all the finishing pieces that bring your brand to life. 

What's Included?

Create your own package. Your pick of:

  • Business or Drop card design
  • Product tagging design
  • Inventory sheet templates
  • Shopping bag design
  • Tagging and sorting (up to 100 items) - inventory list included

Do you also print these pieces?

No, we don't offer printing services, BUT have friends that do! We will pair you with a great printer to finalize your pieces and bring them to life!

sweet! can i keep the design files?

We will provide you with a print-ready PDF of each file for you to hold on to.

what if i have no idea what direction to go into?

No worries! That's what brainstorming and Pinterest are for. Find some brands that you're inspired by and we'll start there.  

I need to get ready for festival or large event and have no time to prep my items!!! Can you help?

To-tal-ly! We can help to prep up to 100 items for your event! Bring them to our space and we will tag, sort them, and provide an inventory list for you!



A la Carte: $125 per service