19FIFTYTHREE started as a creative project; an extended portfolio and outpouring of ideas. Over the years it has developed into a clothing brand that focuses on both minimal and abstract design. 

The hope for 19FIFTYTHREE is create a classic product that you will be able to hold on to forever. 

As of Fall 2017, 19FIFTYTHREE has partnered with ArtFarm Annapolis - an art space located in the heart of the Annapolis Design District. Together, 19FIFTYTHREE and ArtFarm aim to provide a creative hub in Annapolis encourages an outpouring of inspiration and ideas with one mission: to connect the community with the energy of the arts. 

Designed and made in the mid-atlantic, east coast of America, we are inspired by fine art, graphic design, streetwear, street art, tomboys, and much more. 

darin michelle, creator of 19fiftythree